the construction of a body capable of finding emptiness

All the works that I created since 2010, followed the same procedural form: the focus is on the construction of a body in constant transformation, capable of returning cyclically to a state of emptibess or total availability for interaction with other plastic materials, with objects, with the action of other people, with the specificities of the space in which the work takes place (site specific), with other languages ​​(painting, sculpture, installation, writing) and media, including here the body's ability to interact with new technologies in the production of sense.


The construction of this body begins by making the body-mind available to feel the stimuli offered by the space. This corresponds to freeing the body from excessive tensions and the mind from expectations and anxieties. Of course, this is not always possible, perhaps never. But it is possible to recognize these tensions and anxieties, to look at them with some objectivity and to deal with them in a different way than it would be done automatically. Through continued training, it is possible, voluntarily, to look at what each one sees as their real, as their totality, from a suspended perspective. It is also possible to learn to change the quality of inner tension to a smooth receptive energy, which can be used for creativity.



Workshop by Cristina Elias 



The following video contains some practices that make up the training ritual that I have developed to transform my own body into a creative instrument. This training is based upon techniques of contemporary dance such as Laban-Bartenieff fundamentals, on Butoh (methods Tetsuro Fukuhara, Minako Semi e Yuko Kaseki) and some principles and practices of aikido.