Cristina Elias


São Paulo, 1978



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Artist. How to shift the “presence” of the live action to other media, such as photography, video, installation, drawing, text… is the question I try to answer with my works. My creative process starts from performance to create “action-objects” that can materialize in different supports: drawings, charcoal canvases, photographic prints, video, animation... My interest in performance, therefore, goes beyond moment the action takes place, although its live nature is my guiding principle in art. And it is here that I see my creative process as an eternal recombination of images, languages, sensations and feelings. My work is also deeply linked to text and writing transformed into conceptual and visual techniques: text is seen as both a sign and an image, a drawing that develops during creative action.






Professional Path


Between 2010 and 2011, I completed a master's degree in motion studies at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (University of London, UK). During this period, I did an internship as an assistant director to the German choreographer Sasha Walz in the creation of the opera Matsukaze (2011, Sasha Walz and Toshio Hosokawa), Japanese Noh theater play. During this internship, I was able to approach the aesthetics of Noh theater and experience the updating and migration of its principles from a classic Japanese universe to the body of western performers. Between 2012 and 2014, in Berlin and Rome, I had the opportunity to train Butoh with some second and third generation masters (Minako Seki, Yuko Kaseki, Tetsuro Fukuhara). Also in Berlin, I participated in physical training based on the Aikido technique taught by Prof. Martin Gruber of the Ernst Busch Faculty of Performing Arts in Berlin. In 2020, I completed a PhD in Design, in which I propose a procedural method for design creation based on an aesthetic marked by Zen Buddhist principles and, since 2019, I am a member of the Center for Oriental Studies at PUC São Paulo.